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You Want Your Wedding Ceremony to be Meaningful and Memorable, but Where Do You Start?

You’ve set your date, chosen your attendants, and booked the venue and caterer. All of the “big things” are checked off the list. Congratulations! You have some ideas about the type of ceremony you’d like, but you may not have put a lot of thought into the specifics…

Or maybe a friend or relative has asked you to officiate their wedding, and they’re leaving the details to you. You’re honored, but you aren’t really sure what comes next….

You feel like it should be pretty straightforward – there’s so much information available online! Then you start researching and realize that the options are endless and overwhelming. For starters,

  • What type of ceremony will it be? Traditional? Contemporary? Will it be religious? Will you incorporate any special traditions? How long should it be?
  • Will there be readings? Prayers? Music? Will you write your own vows? What will you say when you exchange rings? How will you be presented at the end of the ceremony?
  • Does the officiant need to thank or acknowledge anyone special? Will he or she be preparing a sermon or message? If yes, how will they know what to say?
  • What if various people involved disagree about any of these things? Will you need to compromise on anything? How do you weigh out what’s most important?
  • And, most importantly, how can you make sure everything is legal?

With the Right Support and Guidance, Planning the Ceremony Can Be Fun!

I believe wholeheartedly that everyone deserves a wedding that’s right for them, with elements that are meaningful to them. As a professional life coach, I’m experienced at creating a judgment-free space, asking questions that help clients pinpoint their goals, and partnering with them to come up with solutions that are right for them. My job is NOT to give advice – a ceremony that’s perfect for one person won’t necessarily work for anyone else! I’m open to ANY traditional or non-traditional components, and have no preconceived notions about what a ceremony “should” look like. It needs to be exactly what feels right to the couple.

If you’re planning your wedding, I can work with you to explore your goals for the overall feel, as well as the specific details of the ceremony. Clients local to the Washington, DC/Baltimore area also have the option of booking my services as an officiant. If you’re preparing to officiate a wedding, I can provide you with tools and guidance to help ensure that the ceremony reflects the couple’s values, personalities, and wishes. Together, we’ll create a ceremony that’s unique, meaningful, and memorable.

Working with me will provide you with:

Why Work With Me?

I was honored and thrilled when my niece, Tara, asked me to officiate her wedding. I love Tara and Zac, I love weddings, and I enjoy public speaking, so of course I said yes!

I Googled “How do I officiate a wedding in California?” and learned that it’s very easy to become an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, a non-denominational, non-profit religious organization famous for free, online, legal ordinations.

As I scrolled through their site, I learned that the church has only two tenets: 1. Do only that which is right, and 2. All should be free to worship as they see fit. I’ve often marveled at how all religions teach some version of the Golden Rule — we’re all united in the value that we place upon treating others the way we would like to be treated — so the Universal Life Church’s emphasis on maintaining open hearts and minds really resonated with me.

Working with Tara and Zac was an amazing experience. I’d just completed a life coaching certification program and was thrilled to be able to use many of my newly acquired skills to help them. Together, we created a ceremony that was meaningful and memorable, and where everyone present was able to feel the loving energy around them. I would be honored to help you do the same!


"We could really tell she cared, and she was just as excited as were!"

Tara & Zac Hughes, Tahoe City, CA

“We thought we knew the basics of a wedding ceremony. We’ve been to so many, how hard could it be?! (How naive we were!). We quickly realized there is so much more involved and were starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Jenn did a fantastic job of breaking things down, and slowing us down, reminding us to think back to WHERE it all began, how far we’ve grown as a couple, and WHAT we want for our future lives.

“I was surprised by the amount of research she did before each meeting. She brought a complete game plan. She brought inspiration with her questions, and a little bit of direction. We could really tell she cared, and she was just as excited as were!

“Jenn took some of our words, and created the most thoughtful, heartfelt, & incredible wedding ceremony. It was so personal and unique to us. So many friends and family members told us after how it was the best ceremony they ever witnessed. It was so much better than we ever could have imagined, and we’re so proud of the foundation Jenn helped us create.”

Contact me today ( or 301-385-9032) to start creating a ceremony that's perfect for you!

Jenn Gruber is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. She is recognized as a Certified Professional Coach by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), having received her certification through the nationally-renowned coaching school iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Communication Arts (double major) from James Madison University.

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