Supporting Your Parents in Their Next Chapter

Thinking about what the future holds in store for our parents, and how our lives may be impacted, can be overwhelming. Unlike many major life transitions, where we consciously decide to make a change and have some control over the timing, involvement in our parents’ care often comes about unexpectedly. Being thrown into a role that we haven’t necessarily asked for and that we don’t feel prepared to handle can be exhausting – physically, mentally, and emotionally. We want to be there for our parents, but we’re not sure how to balance that with the other demands in our lives. We’d like to figure out how to manage everything, but we find ourselves putting out one fire after with no time to think beyond today. 

By understanding the roadblocks that often keep people feeling “stuck,” you can find ways to take small, simple steps to begin moving forward and feeling good about the progress you’re making and the plan you’re creating.

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