"Why Can't We Get Along?" Rapid Relationship Remodel

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“I wish we were closer, but it’s impossible because my __________ (you fill in the blank!) isn’t willing to make any effort.”

Have you ever felt this way? Then it’s time for your Rapid Relationship Remodel. The truth is, you CAN change your relationship — EVEN WITHOUT buy in from the other person! You’ll learn why you’re feeling so defeated and what you can do about it…. all in under an hour.

How does it work? You’ll take brief (20 minute) online assessment designed to measure how you show up in various aspects of your life. Then you’ll hop on the phone for a 60 minute call with me. You’ll walk away with:

An understanding of how your energy is influencing your relationships. We’ll talk in depth about what you’re bringing to your relationships and how that impacts your interactions.

A 10-page report explaining this. We’ll cover a lot of information – probably way too much for you to remember! The report will be a great tool for you to refer back to.

Two things you can do IMMEDIATELY to make a change — without even having to talk with the other person! This will allow you to put what you’ve learned into practice immediately

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