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What My Clients Have to Say....

Whether you’re struggling with parents, children, siblings, in-laws, or some other family member, relationships are complicated. Everyone’s experience is different, and everyone’s solution is different. But despite the specific circumstances, everyone has the power to change their situation. I hope the stories below will provide evidence of that and will give you hope.

"She creates a completely judge- free zone, that makes you feel confident sharing your thoughts."

Tara Hughes, Tahoe City, CA

“Jenn will make any obstacle or challenge seem like a piece of cake. With her positivity, enthusiasm, and direction, it will be an enjoyable experience, and you will look forward to learning more about yourself at every meeting! She is insightful, inquisitive, and has a great sense of intuition. She creates a completely judge- free zone, that makes you feel confident sharing your thoughts. These traits are so important when trying to tackle the complex nature of humans. We are indecisive creatures, and it’s so important to take time to reflect to figure out what we are meant to do with our one life. What a vital thing! I have never met anyone like Jenn, and I feel so lucky to have her in my life!”

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